High School and GED

California and LA have introduced the most recent GED test which is offered computer-based only. Besides the GED exam, California also uses the HiSET and TASC exams to students looking to earn their California High School Equivalency diploma. You can find many locations that offer GED/TASC/HiSET preparation in LA to help you become sufficiently prepared to complete the GED test successfully.

HiSET and TASC offer tests in both paper-based and computerized formats and run the language section as two separate subjects (writing/reading) Test centers decide which system(s) they want to use, so check with a testing site around you. Of course, you will find many traditional GED classes however if you are looking for online possibilities we recommend free GED classes from the website My Career Tools. They are of high quality and adjusted to the latest versions of the tests.

Before the big 2014 GED changes, the last modifications in the GED exam were done in 2002. The latest changes, though, were much bigger than all others before, and for that reason, candidates must familiarize themselves with the new developments in the GED. Some candidates might be a little anxious about the modifications only because they seem a bit radical, but for most people, the changes are great for the job market and their future possibilities.

In LA, the GED exam is administrated by the California Department of Education and must be taken at an official testing center. Beware that the exam is not available online, you must appear in person to sit for the exam. If an organization offers the test online, you can be sure that the organization is false, the test is just not offered online. In the state of California, successful candidates get awarded the California High School Equivalency Diploma, and the test available in English and Spanish. Preparation is key so check out GED classes near you to find all locations close to you where preparation classes are available.

In the United States, there are some four million jobs that call for high school education, and if there will be not enough people holding a secondary education credential (HS or GED diploma), these jobs will not be filled so our economy will not be performing to its full potential. Obtaining your GED diploma will give you the chance to secure one of these good-paying jobs, and this will not only affect your income, but you will also contribute to our economy as a whole.

Nowadays, already for a lot of internships and apprenticeships, you need a secondary credential and without having (the equivalency of) a high school diploma, you will not have the chance to get into college, university or trade school. Obtaining your GED diploma or certificate will be your first step toward a brighter future life for you and also your family.